My album titled “Till Now” was released on September 19, 2005, under the auspices of Hungaroton label. The album features the five most important compositions I wrote between the ages of 18 and 21, totaling 53 minutes in duration, with the collaboration of several talented performers.


  • Folk Songs
  • Erotic Contaminations
  • Pièces pour Mi
  • Interludes
  • Mary’s Songs

The album is available for digital download by clicking on one of the following links. If you prefer to purchase the album in Compact Disc format, please contact the composer via email.

Márton Levente Horváth

Featured Performers:
Bea Palya (vocals-1), Mária Horváth (vocals-5), Zoltán Marticsek (violin-1), Ditta Rohmann (cello-1, 4), Richárd Rózsa (cello-5), Noémi Győri (flute-2), Gergely Madaras (flute-5), Balázs Rumy (clarinet-5), András Szalay (cimbalom-5), Árpád Kákonyi (piano-2, 3), Balázs Juhász (marimba-1), Mátyás Szabó (percussion-2)